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The entire team at Orthodontic Specialists is dedicated to making every patients' treatment as enjoyable and efficient as possible.  Dr. Iacobelli spends a great deal of time on educating his staff not only on the proper techniques utilized in orthodontics but also on the science behind it.  He feels that the more his staff understands about the reasons that a patient is undergoing treatment the more effectively they will be able to apply these techniques to each individual patient.  The doctor and staff check every patient at every appointment,and  with this well-educated team our patients' treatment is completed in the shortest time possible.



Business Manager

I have been working for our practice for over ten years. I enjoy working with the doctors and our team; we all get along so well, and we all believe in treating our patients as efficiently as possible. I enjoy being the business manager at this practice. It is great interacting with all of our patients and their families, and making sure that everybody has a positive experience at our practice. I received my business management degree from Baker College, and I am OSHA certified, as well as x-ray and Invisalign® certified.

When I'm not at the practice, I enjoy spending time with my family. My husband, Ron, and I have two sons, Andrew and Lucas, and an English setter named Andy. In my free time, I enjoy sports, especially baseball, basketball, and football, I also like reading, swimming, and going camping.



Patient Coordinator

I have been working with Dr. Iacobelli since 1998.  My favorite part of my job is interacting with the new patients and educating them on the many benefits of orthodontic treatment.  I love to watch their confidence grow as their treatment progresses and their smiles improve.  The best part about working for Dr. Iacobelli, in my opinion, is the integrity with which he practices.  He does not start a child unless he or she is ready and never trys to "sell" unnecessary treatment.

Outside of work I am a busy mom to my two active boys, a wife to my husband of ten years and a student.  If all of that was not enough to keep my on my toes, I also dabble in portrait photography.  While I keep a hectic schedule, I would not change a thing.  I love my crazy life!




Practice Coordinator

I have been working in orthodontics for almost 30 years, and 20 of those for Dr. Iacobelli. I truly enjoy working with Dr. Iacobelli and his associates. I have worked with other orthodontic practices over the years, and I can honestly say that the doctors and staff are the best! I love working in orthodontics, it's a wonderful field that is always changing with new technology. Making our patients happy and seeing them smile with confidence after their treatments are complete are just two of my favorite things about my job!

I am a registered dental assistant, certified in all areas of dentistry and I am the coordinator for our Sterling Heights and Commerce practices.

Outside of the practice, I enjoy spending time with my family. My husband, John, and I have four children, Blake, Shane, Tyler, and Kayla. I also enjoy softball and bowling. I have actually taken bowling lessons from two hall of fame bowlers and from the only woman bowler to win a major title!



Office Coordinator

I have been the clinical supervisor for our Lapeer and Grand Blanc practices for over four years. I enjoy working in orthodontics, especially being able to laugh and smile with our patients and making sure that they have a positive orthodontic experience. It's a great experience working with our doctors too. They are very down-to-earth and honest. Dr. Iacobelli is truly great at being an orthodontist, and always putting his patients' needs first.

My husband, Shane, and I have three kids, Vanessa, Devin, and Trevor. Outside of the practice, I enjoy spending time with my family and our dogs.




I enjoy working in orthodontics, and I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing orthodontist! I have been working in our practice for over three years, and have learned so much about orthodontics that I feel confident in the care we provide. Our team is very caring. We laugh and have fun every day, and we all believe in communicating openly with our patients about their treatments. My favorite thing about working in orthodontics is getting to know all of our patients, and watching their amazing journeys throughout their orthodontic treatments.

Outside of the practice, my two sons, Michael and Jordan, keep me very busy, and I love spending time with them. I am also enjoy going bargain shopping - because who can turn down a good buy! I enjoy music, and I often find myself tapping my feet along with the music that we play in the office.



Clinical Supervisor

Hi, I'm Vickie, and I am the Clinical Supervisor. I have been working in orthodontics for over ten years. The doctors are extremely caring, knowledgeable, and straightforward with their patients. They care about treating patients when they need treatment, and not over-treating. Our entire team believes in creating a positive experience for patients by providing the right treatments and making each office visit as short, comfortable and fun as possible.

When I'm not at the practice, I enjoy sailing! When I was young, my family had a sailboat, and I grew up sailing. I also enjoy traveling in the summertime. I am married, and my husband and I welcomed our first child in May 2010.  I am really enjoying my new role as a mom to my son!




Hi, I'm Stephanie! I have been working with Dr. Iacobelli and the team for a couple of years now. I enjoy working at this practice. Our patients are so much fun; I look forward to the smiles and laughter that they bring to each appointment, and I enjoy helping them and growing with them throughout their treatments. The doctors are great. They are honest and professional, and treat the team, their patients, and anybody who visits the practice with kindness and respect.

In my free time, I enjoy rollerblading, watching TV, playing with my three dogs, Cheddar, Zoey, and Bella, and most of all, spending as much time as possible with my son, Jordan. Aside from orthodontics, I always secretly wanted to be a figure skater!





I am the newest member of the Orhtodontic Specialists team.  I really love interacting with all of the varied age groups that we see on a daily basis.  The atmosphere is always so upbeat - a perfect fit for my personality!  Although I have only been here a short period of time Dr. Iacobelli has taught me so much.  It has been such a great supplement to my knowlege base that got its foundation at Ross Medical Education Center where I studied and obtained my dental assisting certificate.

When I am not at work, I love to read, shop, go dancing and spend time with my family and friends.  I am also an independent Avon representative.

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