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What Makes Our Practice Unique


1. The Doctors

 Dr. Iacobelli, founder and director of Orthodontic Specialists, graduated first in his class of 151 students from the University of Michigan Dental School in 1981. He was awarded numerous certificates for outstanding performance in dental anatomy and clinical children’s dentistry. He went on to complete his specialty residency and received his master’s degree in orthodontics from the University of Detroit in 1983. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Iacobelli has researched and developed uniquely efficient and precise techniques for achieving rapid quality orthodontic results. He has become well known for developing these concepts and has been asked to teach them to many practitioners not only at the University of Detroit and at the Michigan Dental Association Annual State Session, but also through his continuing education classes taught to all levels of dental professionals throughout the area and abroad.

It is these conservative non-extraction quality techniques, which have also become popular amongst our past 25,000 patients. These treatment approaches have resulted in aesthetically pleasing smiles, stable results, and relatively short treatment times. Both patients and referring doctors have been so pleased with these results that they have allowed our practice to become one of the largest quality practices in Michigan.

Dr. Iacobelli’s role is to make sure all patients are treated according to these high standards he has developed. Dr. Iacobelli spends most of his time seeing patients, as well as teaching and developing staff and doctors to treat according to the quality standards he has developed.

2. Doctor Controlled Office Visits

 Our doctors check every patient at each treatment visit. Only doctors apply braces and do the adjustments.

3. Optimal Treatment Timing

Treatment is started only when your child is truly ready, thereby preventing any long drawn out needless over -treatment programs. If not ready, your child is monitored on our “Recall Program” until optimal growth for treatment occurs. Most treatments complete in 9 to 18 months and we put braces on all the permanent teeth.

4. State-Of-The-Art Technology

Digital x-ray, online account access and payment capabilities as well as email and text message appointment reminders are some of our practice features.

5. Patient Education

Interactive video and computer imaging technology as well as printed educational handouts that we have specifically published to improve your understanding of proposed treatment.

6. Non-Extraction Commitment

Preserving primary and permanent teeth results in a fuller natural smile.

7. No Headgear Or Bulky Appliances

Making treatment easier and more comfortable for patients and requiring less cooperation. We use the latest high tech alloys and resilient wires thereby increasing patient comfort and decreasing total treatment time with fewer visits.

8. Established Quality Practice

Treating over 25,000 cases in 30 years and constantly growing by way of referrals from previous patients and local dental practices. We are not a “clinic” or “orthodontic mill”.

9. Practice Hours

Our office hours are by appointment only, with evenings and Saturdays available for your convenience to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules.

10. Reasonably Afforadable Fees

Affordable fees for professional services are based on each individual case.  Flexible, zero-down and zero-interest financial arrangements can be made. We participate with all insurance plans and do all your billing. We will do our best to obtain the maximum benefits for your care.

11. Our Match & Beat Fee Policy

We promise to match any other qualified orthodontic specialist’s fee out there. Bring us their quote for the same treatment and we will match and beat it by 5% as gratitude for letting us provide your treatment. 

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