Are Orthodontists Open In MI?


If you have been searching “Are orthodontists open in MI?” the answer is yes! Orthodontic Specialists, with offices in Lapeer, Sterling Heights, Clarkston, and Grand Blanc is open with safety precautions. As we mentioned in our previous post (Orthodontic Specialists Of Michigan Is Open) we are open with the following precautions: We utilize all necessary PPE Our patient capacity is …

Continuing Orthodontic Care Through Our TeleOrtho Service

NOTE: We are now open. If you would like to schedule a complimentary exam please fill out the form on the following page: Complimentary Consultation Form At Orthodontic Specialists, we want to make sure we continue your orthodontic care even when the office is closed because of COVID-19. One way to help our patients get the best possible care we …

Can An Orthodontist Fix An Overbite?

how to fix an overbite

When searching for an orthodontist, one common question usually is, “how to fix an overbite.” Often times we hear is it bad to have an overbite or why do I have an overbite or can an orthodontist fix an overbite? The short answer is yes, an orthodontist can absolutely treat overbites in patients. At Orthodontic Specialists we always aim to answer …

Orthodontics: What Is A Palate Expander?

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Contact us today to set up your free orthodontist exam and to learn more about how a palate expander may help you. Orthodontic Specialists has options from traditional metal braces to Invisalign, and we have affordable treatment options for every case.

‘Results have been excellent!’ And More Reviews Of Orthodontic Specialists

Orthodontic Patient

There are many things about our orthodontic practice that we are proud of: our excellent staff, the use of state-of-the-art technology, our affordable fees, our non-extraction commitment. But none of these things would matter if we didn’t love the patients who walk through our door every day. We’re here for you. We’re here to help you on your journey to …

State of the Art Orthodontic Technology

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At Orthodontic Specialists (with offices in Clarkston, Lapeer, Sterling Heights, and Grand Blanc) we use State of the Art Orthodontic Technology and offer the latest in digital impression scanning with our new iTero digital scanners. This is a mess-free comfortable method of obtaining your first impressions. The scans are then fabricated using the latest in 3D printing technology. Our greatest …

State of the Art Orthodontic Materials for State of the Art Orthodontic Treatment


No Bulky Appliances … We Promise! Here at Orthodontic Specialists, you will never see bulky appliances or external headgear. We believe that bite problems can be corrected using high-tech techniques integrated with the braces themselves. Such examples are functional elastics which are subtle in appearance and can effectively correct misaligned overbites and underbites. Resilient Titanium Alloy Wires We only use the …

Orthodontic Patient Education

Orthodontic Patient Education We believe that a well-informed patient and parent leads to successful treatment. That is why here at Orthodontic Specialists we believe in thoroughly educating our patients and parents using self-published materials on a variety of topics as well as videos, and computer simulations to enhance patient understanding. Computer Simulations Our ICAT(TM) software is used at your very …

Orthodontics: Corrective Jaw Surgery

Contact us today to learn the best time to start orthodontic treatment. Your local orthodontist has options from traditional metal braces to Invisalign and we have affordable treatment options for every case.

TMJ Dysfunction and How To Get TMJ Pain Relief

TMJ pain relief

Contact us today to learn more about TMJ pain relief. Your local orthodontist has options from traditional metal braces to Invisalign and we have affordable treatment options for every case.