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lady with teeth

My son was a difficult orthodontic case. He had a crossbite and a narrow palate. First, Dr Iacobelli had us wait until Reid was fully grown before he would do anything. Then he used an expander to broaden Reid’s palate, followed by braces. The results are beautiful! Reid has a fuller jaw and handsome, straight teeth. But most importantly, his bite fits properly, which will mean that he won’t wear down his teeth, causing problems later in life. We are very pleased with the results and happy to know that we didn’t waste our money on braces when he was younger, or corrective surgery had we let this go.

— Michele M., Clarkston


Both our daughters went to Dr. Iacobelli for orthodontic treatment and although I’m a bit biased, I must say that they both now have beautiful smiles! We were very pleased with the results and even more pleased that Dr. Iacobelli believes in working with the teeth that are there, instead of pulling teeth to make room.

— Theresa M., Clarkston


I had braces as a child and � at that time � it was common to pull teeth to eliminate crowding. My orthodontist pulled two upper teeth and then put braces on to make them fit with the lowers. Although my teeth were straight at first, as I grew older the lower teeth became crooked again. Dr Iacobelli expanded the space for my upper teeth so that the lower ones could be straightened and fit in properly. The result is a fuller-looking mouth and straight teeth. I only wish that I hadn’t had the two upper teeth removed years ago!

— Mickie A., Bloomfield Township


Our daughter had very crooked teeth. When we first took her to see Dr. Iacobelli, he sent us home! He said that Krista wasn’t old enough yet for braces. We were put on a call-back list while she grew. To our surprise, he was right. As Krista grew, her mouth expanded and her teeth began to straighten out naturally. By waiting for the optimal time to put braces on, it shortened the time Krista had to wear them and the results are great. We highly recommend listening to the doctor. His timing was right on!

— Donna B., Grand Blanc