Can An Orthodontist Fix An Overbite?

how to fix an overbite

When searching for an orthodontist, one common question usually is, “how to fix an overbite.” Often times we hear is it bad to have an overbite or why do I have an overbite or can an orthodontist fix an overbite? The short answer is yes, an orthodontist can absolutely treat overbites in patients.

At Orthodontic Specialists we always aim to answer these kinds of questions with as much detail as possible. Our video below, Retracting Upper Dental Protrusion and Developing Upper Dental Retrusion, aims to answer many of your questions pertaining to common orthodontic treatment questions surrounding this common issue. If you would like to know more about an overbite vs. a normal bite please watch the video below.

If you are need of orthodontic treatment to fix an overbite, please contact us today to set up a complimentary exam at one of our four offices in Michigan. We have orthodontic offices in Lapeer, Clarkston, Sterling Heights, and Grand Blanc.

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