Free Orthodontist Exams and Recalls

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At Orthodontic Specialists we believe so much in the power of “Watchful Waiting” that your exams and recalls are always free of charge!

Optimal Treatment Timing

Our practice philosophy is directed towards obtaining the highest quality, longest lasting orthodontic results possible. This requires optimal treatment timing. By waiting for all of the permanent teeth and for the body’s natural growth period to accelerate, we can create fast and efficient treatment.

Our Recall System

We carefully monitor our patients on our recall system to see when they have obtained all of their permanent teeth including their second molars. If your child is not ready for treatment, they will be placed on our recall system which monitors facial bone growth and tooth development with free office exams until they are ready for treatment. We never charge for these recall exams, so you can rest easy that payment only occurs once treatment actually begins.

Watch Dr. Iacobelli explain optimal treatment timing:

Contact us today to set up your free orthodontist exam. Orthodontic Specialists has options from traditional metal braces to Invisalign and we have affordable treatment options for every case.

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