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Orthodontic Specialists is a local orthodontist practice in Clarkston, Lapeer, Sterling Heights, and Grand Blanc with a holistic-based approach to orthodontic treatment using dental braces and Invisalign. 

Our practice philosophy is directed towards obtaining the highest quality, longest-lasting results possible. This requires both the ideal fit and function of teeth and facial bones as well. By promoting the body’s natural growth we quickly create the ideal fit of facial bones leading to the most stable results available.

Visit A Local Orthodontist For Doctor Controlled Office Visits

Unlike many orthodontic clinics, we make sure that the orthodontist  sees you at every office visit. This helps your process to be carefully monitored and provides for fast and economical treatment. Only the doctor makes diagnoses and adjustments as is required by law but so often overlooked. Also, we try to have one doctor supervise your case rather than see a different doctor at every appointment. This ensures consistency in your treatment.

Choosing A Local Orthodontist: Why Choose A Specialist?

What is an Orthodontic Specialist?

An orthodontic specialist is a dentist who has completed two to three years of continuous advanced studies in a graduate program approved by the American Dental Association. Only after completing the program and passing a specialty licensing board can they call themselves “Orthodontists.”

What does an Orthodontist treat?

Because of these extra years of education, a local orthodontist has acquired the special skills critical for accurate diagnosis of orthodontic problems, management of tooth movement, and guidance of facial development through a comprehensive treatment program. Orthodontic specialists, by law, must limit their practice to treating only orthodontic cases, therefore they are able to provide the most effective and efficient treatment.

Local Orthodontist With Affordable Fees

Are you looking for a local orthodontist with affordable payment plans? Read below to learn more about some of our options in Clarkston, Sterling Heights, Grand Blanc, and Lapeer.

Flexible Payment Terms

Affordable fees for professional orthodontist services are based on each individual case. Flexible “zero down” and “zero interest” financial arrangements can be made. We accept Care Credit for your payment needs. We also participate with all insurance plans and do all of your billing. We will do our best to obtain the maximum benefit for your care. In today’s economy, affordable quality care is a necessity for working families to meet their family budget.

Our “Match & Beat” Fee Policy

We promise to match any other qualified orthodontic specialists fee out there. Bring us their quote for the same treatment and we will beat it by 5% as gratitude for letting us provide your treatment.

See Your Local Orthodontist For Breathing and Facial Bone Development

How does the airway influence facial development?

Effects of Breathing

Your local orthodontist knows normal breathing should occur through the nose with the mouth closed. However, if the nasal passage is somehow obstructed, mouth breathing can occur. This open mouth posture causes the facial muscles to constrict the underlying bones. Narrowing and elongation of the upper jaw is often the result of such constrictive forces.

In addition, the jaws tend to grow apart causing open bites. Also, because the lower jaw is dropped for breathing, it becomes positioned further back causing an overbite.

Tongue Placement

How the tongue rests in the mouth can also negatively affect facial growth. The tongue at rest should be high in the mouth which stimulates growth of the maxilla. Enlarged tonsils force the tongue downward and forward which pushes on the lower jaw and lower teeth. This can contribute to an underbite by over stimulating lower jaw growth.

About our Doctor

Dr. Iacobelli, the founder of Orthodontic Specialists, graduated first in his class from the University of Michigan. He completed his master’s degree in Orthodontics from the University of Detroit. Over the past 35 years, he has developed uniquely efficient and precise techniques for achieving rapid quality results. He has become well-known for these techniques and has taught them throughout the country and abroad. His conservative non-extraction approach has made us popular with over 25,000 patients.

Local Orthodontist Locations

We have four convenient locations for Michigan residents looking for orthodontic treatment:

5647 Sashabaw Road
Clarkston, MI 48346

12750 S. Saginaw
Grand Blanc, MI 48439

43767 Van Dyke
Sterling Heights, MI 48314

1176 1/2 Lapeer Road
Lapeer, MI 48446

Contact us today to set up your free orthodontist exam and to learn more about how a palate expander may help you. Orthodontic Specialists has options from traditional metal braces to Invisalign, and we have affordable treatment options for every case.

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