Orthodontic Treatment For Impacted Teeth

orthodontic treatment

Impacted Cuspids

Saving impacted teeth is incredibly important as part of your orthodontic treatment. If not realigned, cysts can form around the impacted teeth and damage adjacent teeth and bone. If the impacted teeth are removed, the patient will need life-long replacement with artificial teeth. This is why, at Orthodontic Specialists, we always strive to save the impacted tooth by bringing it into alignment with the other teeth.

Impacted Teeth

Moving the Impacted Tooth

Once the other surrounding teeth are leveled and aligned, the impacted cuspid can be uncovered by an oral surgeon and then brought down using gentle force with an elastic module. This elastic is changed every two to three weeks to ensure that the proper amount of gentle force is maintained. Using this gentle technique over a longer period of time (usually 18 months) preserves the integrity of the tooth and ensures a stable result.

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