Orthodontic Treatment: Holistic Orthodontics

At Orthodontic Specialists we believe in orthodontic treatment that uses the body’s natural growth to achieve fast and effective creation of full and beautiful smiles.

Natural Growth, Natural Smiles

Our practice philosophy is directed towards obtaining the highest quality, longest lasting results possible. This requires the ideal fit and function of teeth and facial bones as well. By allowing for, and promoting the body’s natural growth we create the ideal fit of facial bones and teeth leading to the most stable results available.

Timing Treatment to Fit the Body’s Natural Growth

Bone growth takes place more rapidly in early adolescent years. By harnessing the power of natural growth, we are able to create fuller smiles without the unnecessary removal of permanent teeth and without excessive time in treatment. We always strive to preserve permanent teeth which create a stable and long-lasting result. This conservative non-extraction approach has made us popular with over 25,000 patients in 35 years.

Optimal Time for Orthodontic Treatment

Holistic methods require optimal treatment timing in order to harness the power of natural growth. It is extremely important not to start treatment too early or too late.

Watch the following video to learn more about optimal timing for orthodontic treatment:

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Dr. Iacobelli is a trusted local orthodontist and has options from traditional metal braces to Invisalign with affordable treatment options for every case.

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