Orthodontic Treatmet: Caring For Braces

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Caring for braces is an important part of orthodontic treatment. Cooperation between orthodontist and patient ensures that treatment is done in the most efficient time frame. By abiding by the following guidelines patients can expect to accomplish the highest quality result in the shortest time.

  1. What food can I eat with braces?

    During treatment, one should avoid hard, sticky, or foods with high sugar content. One should also avoid nuts, ice, and gum. These foods can break cement seals of the bands and distort the delicate archwires. Sugared sodas are also a “No-No.” They can cause accelerated enamel decay and destruction.

  2. Why do Orthodontists band molars?

    Believe us, we have tried all of the latest new bonding adhesives, and even though it is challenging for doctor and patient alike, we still band molars. Banding molars is still the strongest method and reduces breakage and expedites treatment. Studies have shown that banding molars creates 25-30% faster treatment due to less breakage.

  3. Should my teeth be cleaned before I get braces?

    We recommend that the patient's teeth are cleaned and all cavities are filled before treatment begins. We also recommend that the patient continue to see the family dentist every six months for cleaning and cavity check during the entire orthodontic treatment. Cleanings can still be completed while the braces are on the teeth.


All instructions given by the orthodontist must be followed by the patient. Elastics and removable appliances must be worn as prescribed in order for treatment to progress.

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