Orthodontics: Non-extraction Approaches for Stable Smiles

Orthodontics: Non-extraction Approaches for Stable Smiles

Preserving all the primary and permanent teeth by avoiding extractions leads to the most stable and longest-lasting results.

Non-extraction treatment ensures wide, stable smiles

We always strive to avoid the removal of primary teeth at Orthodontic Specialists. When primary teeth are removed, it destabilizes, deflates, and collapses the natural arch leading to permanent teeth that are crowded and tipped in. When all primary teeth are left in place, there is less chance of arch collapse as all 10 teeth hold the arch space and promote development for the eventual accommodation of permanent teeth.


Poor Effects of Tooth Extractions

Just like a brick archway, all teeth are integral to maintaining the shape of the arch. By removing a tooth, the arch weakens and could eventually collapse. By leaving all primary teeth in place, the integrity of the arch remains stable as the face grows to help accommodate all the permanent teeth. Our motto is “When in doubt, don’t take it out.”

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