Orthodontics: What Is An Interceptive Appliance?

interceptive appliance

When are interceptive appliances necessary?

What is an interceptive appliance?

Many times younger patients are seen in our office with significant jaw misalignments. Such imbalances can be treated with different appliances that correct the orthodontic problem at the skeletal level. The final outcomes are broader smiles and attractive balanced facial profiles.

Functional Elasticsorthodontics functional elastics

Removable elastics are frequently used to correct an overbite or underbite in mild to moderate cases. These are removable elastics which are hooked on to the braces and pull and protract the lower jaw and teeth in the appropriate direction.

Palatal Expanderpalate expander orthodontics

Many times severe crowding of teeth is the result of insufficient jaw bone growth. An upper fixed palatal expander is used to enhance jaw growth and thereby making room for incoming teeth and lessening the possibility of extraction of permanent teeth.


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