Beware Early Orthodontic Treatment: Contact A Trusted Local Orthodontist

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If you’re in search of a local orthodontist in Clarkston, Grand Blanc, Lapeer, or Sterling Heights, you have probably Googled things such as “Orthodontist Near Me” or “What Age to Start Braces?” But please beware early treatment (It is not as necessary as frequently promoted). At Orthodontic Specialists we believe in “Optimal Timing for Optimal Treatment.”

orthodontist near meWait for the Eruption of Second Molars

Unless children have severe cases with blocked out teeth or cross bites, we believe that it is important that most children do not start treatment until all of their permanent teeth are in, including the very important 2nd molars. It is imperative that these back teeth are treated with braces, aligning them with the rest of the teeth. If these teeth are not treated, they can impact the results of the final occlusion causing post-treatment jaw shifting and potential TMJ problems. This is why we always wait until the 2nd molars are in BEFORE we even begin treatment.

Facial Growth

In addition to the eruption of second molars, by waiting for the optimum growth period, the facial bones are allowed to grow more. This growth creates more room for the permanent teeth. With adequate space in the facial bones, we are able to avoid unnecessary extractions which can destabilize the smile. Contrary to popular opinion, it is always best to wait to start treatment until the patient is truly ready.


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