Post-Treatment Orthodontic Care: What Happens After Braces?

What happens after your braces come off?


Once braces are removed, clear retainers will be made. Retainers support the teeth in their corrected positions and guide the teeth into the established occlusion. The retainers must be worn initially at all times, only removing them to eat and brush the teeth. Failure to wear the retainers as directed, even for a short time, may cause relapse.

Bite Splint:caring for bracesOften time a bite splint is used as a retainer. This allows for the jaw muscles to relax and is much stronger and more durable than a retainer. We therefore often retain all of our severe cases and adult cases with a bite splint.

After the braces are removed, the patient should make an appointment with the general dentist to have the teeth cleaned. Long term care involves wearing a retainer at night and having your teeth cleaned regularly. It is advised that you never completely stop using your retainer and continue to wear it 3 to 4 times a week at night. If not, your teeth may shift and you may require retreatment.

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