TMJ Dysfunction and How To Get TMJ Pain Relief

TMJ pain relief
What is TMJ Pain?

When teeth do not fit together and hit improperly (malocclusion) they can force the lower jaw out of position upon closure. This causes the jaw muscles to react with spasms and become irritated and can lead to headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

How to cure TMJ pain fast

Immediate Option For TMJ Pain Relief:An occlusal bite splint fits over the upper teeth and disengages the malocclusion and interferences thereby establishing a non-stressful bite relationship. It disengages the occlusion and allows the jaw to relax and reduce irritation within the jaw muscles and joints. This is a comfortable and removable option that requires no invasive techniques.

How to cure TMJ pain for the long-term

Orthodontic treatment to reduce the offending malocclusion is a more comprehensive long-term solution to allow a more normal closure of the lower jaw in harmony with the muscles. This treatment is usually followed by an occlusal bite splint which functions as a retainer and also promotes a less stressful bite relationship.

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